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Emily Dickinson May 15, 2012

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Emily Dickinson


Assignment #7 March 23, 2012

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The Lyre Bird amazed me in so many differnt ways i never thought that a bird could ever do anything like this.. As I watched the video it showed me that there are many things animals do that no one knows about it just amazed me:) I really liked this video.


The Crucible February 3, 2012

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If I was in Salem in this time I would be accused of being a witch because if you werent friends with someone they would accuse you of being a witch. I would not confesse to something I didnot do. This all got out of hand but I would not have done anything differntly.




Effects of the Media

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The Effects of the Media effects girls more than the guys.. The media feeds and feeds “thin body thin body” and it makes girls who look perfectly fine worry about their weight when they shouldn’t have to. This can lead to women go over board with their diets and exercise, this can also lead to them feeling depressed.  Studies show that one out of ever four college aged girl uses unhealthy methods of weight loss such as: fasting, skipping meals, laxative abuse etc. People say that with this type of media this cannot be positive. I know that girls want a perfect body but the do not need to go to extreme lengths as this to do so. Not only do girls worry about their weight there face is an important part to them to they feel that need to be as pretty as the super model with so much make up on.


Sorting People January 19, 2012

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When I done this I got 8 of them correct. I found this kind of difficult,  because some of them that were one race were actually completely an opposite race. I think this is important to realize about your self because this shows you can’t just judge someone on what color skin they have they actually might be a complete different race. I always thought that if it was a guy with long black hair they were going to be American Indian, but when I done this assignment I found that they are really Asian…


Hello world! January 6, 2012

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